Complete Home Project

in the College Park/Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose California. Enjoy videos and photos of this project.

Additional videos from this home project

Here’s a list of what we did for this home:

Drought Tolerant Native Garden
Reduced Water Usage
– Stormwater Management
– Flagstone Pathways & Bridge
Rainwater Swales
Water Features
– Permeable Driveway
– Reduced Heat-Island Effect
Artistic & Decorative Design
– Edible Gardens & Raised Beds
– Healthy & Attractive Mulch
– Espalier Fruit Trees
Greywater System
Laundry to Landscape
Korten Steel Fabrication
Salvaged Redwood Furniture
Reclaimed Barn-Wood Features
Custom Redwood Benches
– Flagstone Patio
– Custom Fire Pit
– Outdoor Lighting Systems
Regular Maintenance