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Ecological Garden Management

We care for our customer’s gardens in the most ecological way possible, which is one factor that makes us different from other garden management providers.

We emphasize the word “garden” because we are not a “mow, blow and go” service. In fact we don’t even own the equipment to do traditional lawn care! Rather, we pride ourselves in pruning, plant up-keep, non-toxic pest and disease control, weeding, irrigation and more.

Newly planted native gardens, by necessity, need two to three years to become established and three to five years to grow to maturity. Our maintenance staff understands our designs and can assist with the early care and watering needs, which in turn aids in critical, early root growth. Then, as the plants get larger, our maintenance team will carefully shape and tend your garden until it reaches it’s full maturity and natural desired look.

Mature gardens also require upkeep to retain their look and the ambiance for which they were designed. As “Green Gardeners”, we pride ourselves in our ability to maintain native gardens like no other company you will encounter in the Bay Area. Try us and see the difference when true experts tend to your garden as if it was their very own.

We offer a variety of maintenance plans that are affordable and flexible and are tailored to fit with your garden’s needs.

Garden Management FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Our hourly rate is $85/hr for one crew member and $170/hr for 2 crew members

We typically spend 1-4 hours; usually first visits lastly a little longer depending on the state of the garden. On our initial visit, there may be a number of things we need to clean up, tenacious weeds, pruning, etc. Subsequent visits tend to be much shorter as we are merely maintaining your landscape.

Depending on the age of your landscape, monthly visits are recommended to keep a low-maintenance yard in shape. Landscapes that are higher maintenance can get serviced every two weeks. Landscapes that are established (more than 2 years old) can look good with seasonal maintenance (every 3-4 months). We also offer on-request services for those that don’t want to commit to a contract and would only like their landscape serviced once, or for those who would like their yard spruced up for a special event.

Yes, we provide all the services that are typical of residential landscaping, except we DO NOT use gas-powered lawn mowers or blowers. If your landscape requires “mow and blow”, you may want to look into a different service or, even better, hire us to help you convert your landscape to California natives and drought tolerant species that don’t require gas-powered equipment to maintain.

Yes, We provide services to those areas, however additional costs may be added for transportation.

Yes, but again, we don’t use gas-powered lawn mowers or blowers and avoid all toxic chemicals. If your landscape requires “mow and blow” you may want to look into a different service. Better yet, why not convert your your landscape to beautiful California natives and which are naturally drought tolerant species that don’t require gas-powered equipment to maintain

We don’t! Leaves help filter water and protect plant root systems so we slowly incorporate them into your landscape. If you have a lawn, however, we will rake the leaves off the lawn so it will not be harmed by them. We will then incorporate those leaves into the surrounding landscape as a mulch-able material. That is not to say that we won’t remove leaves from the landscape if they are excessive, we usually remove leaves that are blocking light from any under-story shrub. If leaves are only on one side of your landscape, we will spread them evenly throughout making your landscape look like a forest floor.

We take clients on any time. Give us a call at (408) 642-1860 or email [email protected], better yet get started by filing out our service and contact form ->