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Landscape Design

Our objective with each project is to collaborate with our clients to build the right landscape using the most environmentally appropriate methods available. This approach results in a cohesive design that blends all garden elements harmoniously. Our gardens work with the native environment to create a place of relaxation and beauty. Additionally, our approach minimizes work time in the garden and, because of materials used and the minimal water needs of the plants, our gardens tend to be less costly than traditional gardens.

Where we Start

When you ask Bay Maples to design a garden for your property, it is likely that you have seen our gardens or our work from the website, or you have an idea of a style of garden that you’d like to have (Chaparral, Cottage, Desert, Japanese, Mediterranean). You might have a color palette in mind (purples and yellows, greys and silvers, deep reds). Do you want an edible garden or ornamentals? What is your budget? Are you looking for hardscape elements or handmade features (redwood bridges, arbors, fences)? Are you interested in alternative water sources, Rain Catchment or Greywater? These are some of the factors we consider and cover when designing a garden.

Whats exciting for us is that, even though we live in the Santa Clara County, every yard brings with it a unique new challenge. Different variables like placement of trees, footprint of the house and micro-climates will affect plant selection and water needs. We’ll also identify areas with different elevations where swales could be constructed along and locate where the drainage and down-spouts go to maximize the use of rain and storm water. Other questions like; Are there areas perfectly suited for fruit trees? What is currently on the property? What absolutely has to remain?…will all be factored in when designing a Bay Maples yard.

Our initial visit typically takes several hours so we can measure, understand and begin to make projections for your new garden.

Environmental concerns for your garden

At the heart of all Bay Maples gardens is a concerted effort minimize the impact on the environment in all ways we can. Some of our practices include: efficient use of water through plant selection and water re-use (greywater, rain harvesting.) Avoiding run-off by keeping water onsite through the use of swales, rain gardens and the use of mulch. These practices help reduce erosion as well. We use recycled and re-purposed materials for the creation of our garden features. In lieu of concrete and asphalt we use permeable pavers and materials. These products help limit run off but also allow rain to penetrate back down to the aquifer. Furthermore, we try to create habitat value. This means that we build gardens that not just bees, but all kinds of birds and insects will find attractive.