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Custom Wood Working & Fabrication Services

Salvaged Log Milling: We collaborate with local tree services to salvage & repurpose logs after they are cut down.

Our Services

Welcome to Bay Maples Woodworking, where we turn your vision into reality with our unique woodworking services:

  • One-of-a-Kind Carpentry: Personalized pieces that reflect your style and individuality.
  • Welding: Precision metalwork that seamlessly blends form and function.
  • Water Features: Tranquil designs that bring a touch of nature to any space.
  • Living Walls: Green installations for a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Garden Art: Creative sculptures and functional pieces that elevate your outdoor space.
  • Custom Stonework: Timeless and durable stone elements crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Experience the art of woodworking at Bay Maples – where creativity meets quality.

Tables & Benches

Our Strategies

Welcome to Bay Maples Woodworking, where craftsmanship meets sustainability! Explore our woodwork section to discover unique pieces crafted from recycled and re-purposed materials.

We prioritize water efficiency, using eco-friendly practices, and eliminating gas-powered tools and harmful chemicals. Join us in creating a more sustainable and beautiful future.

Bay Maples Wood Working

Custom Fab & Steel

What makes us different

At Bay Maples, we transcend the ordinary, setting ourselves apart as more than just a landscape company. We’re your partners in crafting truly distinctive outdoor spaces. From personalized plant arrangements to bespoke outdoor furniture and custom water features, we go beyond the expected.

Our commitment is to tailor each project to meet our clients’ specific needs, desires, and aesthetics. Every garden we create is a reflection of the client’s unique style. We take pride in ensuring that each project is a one-of-a-kind creation, making your outdoor space a truly individual and exceptional haven. Choose Bay Maples for landscapes that are as unique as you are.

Bay Maples Wood Working

Commitment to Sustainability

At Bay Maples, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words—it’s a cornerstone of our values. We strive to set an example for effective environmental stewardship in our community. Through continuous innovation, we develop solutions that not only combat wastefulness but also actively promote sustainability.

By choosing Bay Maples, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re joining a movement towards responsible and eco-conscious practices. We believe in leading by example, fostering a greener tomorrow through our dedicated efforts in environmental stewardship.