You Can Have a Beautiful Drought Tolerant Garden

Bay Maples - Wild California Gardens

When some people think of drought-tolerant gardens, they imagine a barren scape of rocks and cactus. But that’s a huge misconception.

“You can make drought-tolerant gardens just as beautiful as traditional gardens,” said Alan Hackler, owner of the full-service landscaping company Bay Maples. “You can save water and be sustainable and it can still look just as beautiful.”
Hackler and his team are experts at designing gardens that make the most of the resources at hand, and they specialize in designing systems that reuse household waste water from laundry, baths and sinks — so-called grey water” — for landscaping purposes. They also design rain catch systems to use rain to water gardens. From their enthusiasm for native plants to their commitment to repurposing materials to keep them out of landfills, their philosophy is to do everything they can to emphasize sustainability.
“It makes us stand apart from regular landscape companies,” said Hackler.
Originally published as a Local Spotlight in Palo Alto’s independent newspaper Daily Post on August 2, 2016